Lately more and more I've been thinking about being my personal best. I've always been the biggest critique of myself, which is probably quite common to judge yourself the most, but sometimes it's just too hard to succeed, when YOU are the one standing in YOUR way. 

Lately, I find it really hard to stay focused, not to mention being productive. I start the day hoping that it's going to be a productive one and then I find myself on my phone scrolling through countless apps just a couple of minutes after starting a new project or blog post. That's exactly why I usually manage post basically one blog post a month. But it didn't used to be like that. I remember when I could spent hours editing photos and creating different content. But now I spend ours swimming through social media. I think that the best thing for me right now is to re-group and re-focus on myself. How will I do it?
Did I just really write that? Yes, I guess I did. And I don't mean it by deleting the app or the account, I mean just taking a few days off (or weeks if needed), regroup and refocus and make goals. Last I checked I had spent almost 40% of my battery life, scrolling trough Instagram everyday. That's 9 hours per week. 9 hours when I could have been productive. I've finally come to terms that it's ok not to see everything that is happening online. There are new photos being published online every second of the day. It's ok if you're not the first one who sees it.

Be PROUD and CONFIDENT of what you create
Well, this for me is something I really struggle with, as I mentioned before I am quite tough on myself. So when I'm working on something, may it be a blog post or a project, it takes me a lot more time than it really should, because I am perfectionist and the final product has to be perfect. I'm trying to learn to let go and be more chilled about the content I create, because we are always evolving and nothing is perfect even if you want it to be. So be proud and confident of what you are and create now, because growth is inevitable.

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How do you get to be your personal best and do you struggle with it? Comment bellow, x


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