In less than a week I'll be heading to the Positivus festival and I'm actually quite exited and giddy about it, than I thought I would. In my mind I'm already starting to pack my suitcase, cause I'm such an overpacker and I really hate doing it, so leaving up to last minute is so my style. But one of the outfits - is already planned and it's this look you see in the photos, a gorgeous checked dress (which I never thought would suit me) and a staple black denim jacket which goes perfectly with my all black wardrobe, ehhemm. 
In this post I've gathered few of my festival must-haves, to just start off my and your packing cause you'll probably need them too .. 


What an original item to start with, but really that's the way to start your packing. Not only because you'll want to take loads of pictures & videos, but at some point you'll definitely loose your friends and will want to find them via telephone. And don't get me started on festival charging spots, never have I ever been able to charge my phone at them cause the lines are insane, so a power charger will definitely be in my purse on the go.


Even if the weather forecast is showing all days sunny, I usually tend to be more critical and still pack my wellies and a raincoat. Cause at the end of the day this Latvian summer weather has been a total roller coaster - form cold rain to scorching hot weather in a days time. And what's worse than having my feet wet and catching a cold the next week, so I'm definately packing my wellies.


That's really a no-brainer, wear your SPF and don't forget about it. As the festival is outdoors and even if the day is cloudy the sun can do so much damage to your skin, if you don't protect it. The hat is always an optional choice, but if you're going to be in the sun most of the time, there a many stylish ways to protect yourself from the sun & dizziness which it can cause.


As I love my comfort, and I take it very seriously. In my not yet existing packing bag - there's already a hoodie and a leather jacket in it. Cause when the sun is set and all your things you'll don't need at night are put away, overall all you need is your phone & wallet and the perfect place to store them are your pockets preferably with zippers cause you want to insure that no one is getting in your pockets uninvited. 


I know, how we all love those festival toilets, but you gotta do what you gotta do. So the best way to protect yourself from all kind of bacteria - is hand sanitezers and wet wipes - these literally will be your best friends the whole festival time. The best thing is that nowadays all these items have been created so little that they won't take that much space in your bag / purse. One of the thing I will also definitely pack is patches cause you can't do a festival with out them.

I've probably left some other things out, so I would love to know what are your top things you'll pack in your bag and tips when heading to a festival.
See you in POSITIVUS, x

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  1. Ļoti patīk Tevis izveidotais tēls - edgy but feminine at the same time :)


  2. Ohh, very nice pics... :)


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