As you might have noticed my inspiration for creating blog posts, has really gone down the drain. It's been like this for almost half a year and I just can't seem get my ''mojo'' back, I need some help!
As I'm still quite active on instagram, I decided to just create a post featuring all my favorite spring looks I've worn this year. Spring here in my hometown - Riga, Latvia is usually quite cold, so all of my coats and fuzzy jackets don't go too far out of my reach. 
for more outfits and other things check out my instagram - https://www.instagram.com/livabambale/ 

- comment down bellow which was your fav' look, and please share your secrets how to stay inspired through out the year -
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  1. Love everything about this post : caption and looks ! You look beautiful ! Thx for still posting even if inspiration's not at its best and thanks for the inspo ;) x


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