I'm always eager to try new skin care products, so when L'oreal Paris launched the new #instadetox pure clay masks, I was ready to get my hands dirty and try them out!
To start off this chat about how I've liked them, let me give you a brief intro about the new products. Knowing your skin type and choosing the right beauty products nowadays has become quite the challenge. For example, I have a combination skin type, meaning that different parts of my face has different needs. So here comes in the latest skin trend / Multi-masking / - "applying different masks that have various uses to different areas of your face.'' I bet, even if you don't have a combination skin type, you probably have had some dry patches or excess oils in some ares of your face. So the main key of this beauty trend, is that you can be creative and '' address your skin concerns individually.''
All the Pure Clay masks have three main ingredients - Kaolinite, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul - all of these clays are filled with rich minerals to help clear and absorb impurities.
The formula of these masks feel great and it really does make a difference using them regularly. I like to use the green Eucalyptus mask on my T-zone - as it absorbs all the oils and soothes the area. With red Algae mask and black Charcoal mask I like to switch it up, addressing the needs of my face on a day to day basis. These masks you can use 2-3 per week for 10minutes each time, and for me that is the perfect way to unwind after a hard working day.
For more detailed information about the mask you're interested in, click on the links below -
/ The green Eucalyptus Purify & Matify mask /
/  The red Algae Exfoliate & Refining mask /
/ The black Charcoal Detox & Brighten mask / 

photos / Laura Alksne /

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  1. Sounds like a great product! I have to try it <3

    x Merel


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