Living in Greece for almost 3 months my obsession with palm trees is still going strong. It's funny how things work out, about 9 months ago, I put this sticker (see it on my snapchat @livabambale) on my laptop with two palm trees - dreaming about a vacation or a getaway to a place where they would be a part of the scenery. And now I'm living in a place where I have them in my backyard. How surreal is that? I never though that I would be that person who could throw things in a carry-on bag and just leave for a couple of months. I think most of us are so into our routine that it's hard to leave the bubble (and don't get me wrong it was terrifying leaving my hometown for such a long time). But this experience, living so far away from home is definitely changing my values and goals! 
The thing with oceans separating my so called "real life", makes me see things more clearer and re-value my mindset, surroundings and even friendships, cause distance for sure shows the ones who still care and the ones who are busy with their lives, but it's just life - that's how it is! Well enough rambling for one evening - enjoy my palm spring vibes I'm sending you through this post!  




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