It's been a whole month, since I flew to Greece, Rhodes! This past month has flown so fast that I can't believe it's already the beginning of June. So to show you how I've been this past month, I created this visual post - to show you how I am doing and how life is over here in this little island. As I flew here, to live for six months, there will probably be tons of posts with palms, so sorry for that in advance, but there's never too much of them, right .. ?! But overall, for me it was definitely time to change my everyday life to 180 and just move and live life differently and learn more about myself!

So here's to change and the beginning of summer 2016!



  1. Ohh. Paradīze!
    ...arī man vajadzētu kaut kur aizbraukt, sakopot domas, saprast ko no dzīves vēlos, izzināt sevi vairāk.
    Tu esi malacis! :))

  2. Rhodes is lovely. While walking on the rocky alleys in the old town you will sure get that strange feeling ,imaging like a movie just in front of your eyes, all the historical events that took place in this exotic island. Great reference and more great photos.


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