Layering for me, is most definitely my favorite way to dress. It's just the perfect chance to create an interesting and unique look. There are so many easy ways to master your layering game, so here it goes, a few pointer - creating a killer layered look.
 1. Let's start with the basics ..  
Definitely starting with your basics is one of the main steps, while creating a good layered outfit. You should definitely have black & white and grey t-shirt in your wardrobe, a leather jacket, jeans and classic black boots. For starters with these kind of staple / classic pieces, starting off your look is quite easy. 
 2. Toppings ..  
Well this is my favorite part, adding additional or multiple layers to your base. This part is definitely a game changer for me, where I can be as creative as I want to be. Adding a bomber jacket over your dress is fun way to layer, also adding some kind of jacket underneath is a cool way to stay warm and give some depth to your look. Just feel free to be as crazy and creative as you want to be.
 3. Mixing patterns ..  
I have noticed that mostly every time I see someone mixing patterns in their looks, I just love it! It makes the look & feel more fun and outstanding than usual. Like for example in today's look, I layered a turtle neck crop top with two types of jackets and a fluffy faux fur vest, creating a more out of the box look. Also soft & rough materials look really good together (like a lace dress with leather jacket is a great option), keep in mind that it's all about balance - in mixing patterns.
 4 . Accessorizing ..  
The last, but not less important step is accessorizing, adding your favorite earrings or in my case -  my favorite silver rings (that I tend to wear all the time) adds your unique personal touch to your look and makes it more you. So try not to miss this step.
I hope these tips will be helpful, while creating your fun layering look.




 TOP : H&M

DENIM JACKET : Tommy Hilfiger

BAG : Reserved

SHOES : Zara



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