If you are looking for the perfect long lasting liquid lipstick, look no more! Sephora cream lip stain is probably what you're looking for. They are very pigmented and very build-able, the liquid formula makes it a dream to apply, it dries quickly and it doesn't really flake. In short the perfect lipstick that I highly recommend!

No' 1. / '06 PINK SOUFFLE'
-- occasion - day to day --
I actually didn't pick this shade.. I wanted to get the Blackberry Sorbert, but Spain's Sephora had only 6 shades in stock, so my friend decided to get me this one instead. At first I wasn't very exited about it, but now I'm happy I have it in my collection. This shade, has a slight 3D effect thanks to the very settle pink sparkles in it. It's the perfect day to day shade and it has a romantic and calm feel. 

-- occasion - night out --
These next two shades, were chosen by me and thankfully they were in stock at the store. This is the perfect vampy lip for me. I like that it has a berry undertone throughout the shade (rather than a red one). It's very build-able. Unfortunately I've noticed that comparing with the other two shades it flakes the most, and also I have to fix it up more often than the other shades. But for me it's like that, with all of my purple lipsticks, even with the MAC's Smoked Purple. But overall I think, this is the perfect night out lipstick, makes the look more edgy than usual.  
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No' 2. / '01 ALWAYS RED'
-- occasion - any kind of celebration --
Last but not least is the most reddest lipstick I've ever owned! The shade is so vibrant red, that it makes people stare and look back at you (even if you don't want them to, haha). It is VERY long lasting, so I highly recommend using a waterproof makeup remover to take it off. I think this shade will suit every skin tone and would fit to any celebrating occasion. 
Overall these lip stains are definitely worth a try and may I add also very affordable (only $14)! So if you're ever near Sephora pick them up!


  1. Always Red is one of my absolute faves too. So vibrant!

    Rachel | www.currentlyrachel.com

  2. Wooow, visi trīs toņi ir burvīgi un uz Tevis izskatās lieliski!!



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