A quite unusual post on blog today, but I wanted to share my absolute favorite products, that I've been using for couple of months now! Some products though have been a recent addition, but they are so good that I had to include them! 

   So let's start with the face - these two products from Kiehl's / The midnight recovery concentrate and Iris extract activating treatment essence (which I'm still testing but so far so good) / have been in my nightly skin care routine for a while now and I really do love them! After cleansing and toning my face, I use this Iris extract which is meant to prime and prep the skin for the next step in skin regime! It's fast absorbing and smooths the skin, leaving it fresh & hydrated! Then I use the midnight recovery concentrate. If I feel the need, sometimes on top of that I put on a light layer of the Elizabeth Arden moisturizer. But most of the times the midnight recovery concentrate, has no problem hydrating my skin by itself! One thing I really like about these Khiels products is that they last so long. They are so concentrated, you need only a few drops, maximum four, to cover you face. It's not a cheap investment but it's so worth the money! 
This Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hour foundation (in shade Ivory 100), has been my favorite since my sister gave it to me to try it, and I got hooked to say the least! It's medium coverage and blends perfectly with my skin tone! For summer I usually go for something lighter, like BB creams or CC creams, but this stuff is the bomb for autumn and winter. I've already purchased the second bottle!
The newest member to my favorites list is this blusher from the new H&M beauty range in the shade Pink Peach. It's a nice shade that blends really well and is suitable for fair skin tones.
  My eyes have been loving Oriflame - The One / eyes wide open mascara. It gives the perfect volume and makes them look extra long. The next item is one that I brought back from my trip to Greece. Korres - Volcanic minerals twist eyeshadow, in shade Olive green. It is the best product for the times you have to run out of the house but have just a couple of minutes to put some makeup on. It's very long lasting, but you have to be very quick when blending the eye shadow, because it stays put really fast! The best liner for most of this year has definitely been this Artdeco - high precision liquid linerWith this one you also have to be very quick and precise, but the result is super long lasting. This particular liner I've been using since February and it still feels like new! But if you don't like liquid liners you can try this Inglot - Duralinewhich is a special transforming liquid that will turn any powder eye shadow into a liquid formula! It's quite long lasting, but it will smudge more easily than ardeco liner. And the last thing in the eye department is this Catrice - eyeshadow in nr790. It has a beautiful tone, is quite long lasting and blends beautifully.
The last, but not least beauty bits, are these lip products. EOS lip balm is perfect for dehydrated lips and smells amazing. NYX Lip creams in shades Prague and Abu Dhabi, have been my go to lip creams/stains. They are really good quality and because they are matte they stay on the lips for a long time, but they can also be quite drying because of that, so my advise would be to apply a light layer of lip balm before going over with the NYX lip cream. The final lip product is my absolute favorite  MAC lip pencil in shade Beet. I usually use it either as a base for my MAC Ruby Woo lipstick or on its own with a swipe of lip balm! It's one of the products that stays put on my lips no matter what I drink or eat.


  1. I'm very interested in the the midnight recovery concentrate and Iris extract activating treatment. I've been searching tirelessly for a new night routine as I do feel my skin is never ready for the next day. Thanks for your suggestion!
    I agree with you on Rimmel foundation too, it's currently what I've been using and it's been perfect!

    Kyah - www.weekendtempo.com

    1. I would say - choose the midnight recovery concentrate, it's light and good for every skin type!
      and if you purchase it just ask for the Iris extract as a tester to try it, or just go to your local kiehl's store and consult with them, they will hopefully sort you out!!

      And thank you Kyah, glad you like them!

  2. I feel you can never go wrong with an eos lip balm. Just never.



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