While creating my blog posts I'm so into the creating process, that I haven't really given a thought how I'm connecting with others through my blog posts till recently.. I had an interesting chat about blogging  - and how some personal touches on your posts can make it more interesting - special and more out there.
I can't deny it - it's quite hard to find your niche and your style, but the good thing is that - evolving takes time! So don't worry if your a creator and have doubts - it happens, just go with the flow and everything will turn out as it's supposed to be. The essence is in the details!
So speaking about connecting I'm curious about my readers - who are YOU and where are you connecting from?

wearing | h&m - dress - shirt / asos - slip ups (similar - here , here) / vintage oversized vest /  | 
photos taken by Laura Alksne

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  1. adore the vest, your style is cool!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. the vest is such a good staple piece!
      thank you, that's good to hear!

  2. Love your creativity! Keep doing what you're started, it's very inspiring!


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