Few weeks ago I finally got out of the city and the timing couldn't be more perfect! The weather was so good that I got a bit sun burned ( remember your SPF!! ), but that didn't stop me to enjoy the fresh air and the calming quietness.
Although my phone was mostly sitting in my bag and I was relaxing without internet, we managed to get some snaps, the lighting was so perfect that we couldn't waste it (I guess it has become a curse for bloggers, haha).
Happy summer solstice, as in my country the celebration still continues!
wearing | cubus - leather jacket / h&m - dress | 
photos taken by Laura Alksne

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  1. Love the photos! Jacket is absolutely perfect! Need one like that, men of course lol :D

    1. this jacket is so good, for creating a certain style mood!
      you need to get something like that for sure!


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