I don't get it how it's already middle of the 2015, the time flies so freaking fast, that from time to time you need to take a step back and look of all the things you have accomplished and how the time has changed you and things around you!
All these thoughts brought up this latest post from (one of my favorite blogs), where she talks about her memories of starting a blog and seeing what you can accomplish with a project your passionate about! I remember a while back when the whole blogging scene was new for me I didn't know what I was doing or what html actually is, so when I got first responses on my first post I was thrilled and even screenshoted them (yep, I totally did that)!
Even now I'm glad to read every comment left on my posts from people who genuinely give me great feedback, sometimes it's all about the connections.
So if you're a new blogger - practice makes perfect and time just makes us wiser, happy blogging!
leave me your blogs in the comments to check them out
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