Recently I had the chance to visit HM Showroom in Riga to see some amazing pieces from their upcoming fall/winter Studio collection. And I was not disappointed to say the least. There were so many great & wearable pieces to layer and combine, that creating different styles for me will be ideal. 
The whole vibe is very futuristic, sporty and comfortable. Scrolling down you will see many clothing pieces like - bralets, chunky leggings - created with quite thick fabrics, silk blouses, very feminine flowy dresses and jackets which can be worn two ways. Speaking about double wearability - for me that was the most eye catching thing from the whole collection, because we're all looking for those pieces you can style it up creating certain vibe or wear it the other way it's meant to be. Like coats, in this collection, they are created to wear with belt and without it (taking the belt hoops of the coat - which you'll see in the photo below). The colors in this collection is very layer friendly, myself and Laura were already layering pieces and picking our favorites, but there are so many to reckon. Visit Vogue UK page to see the runway version of this collection - here 
This collection will be available in selected stores from December 10th.
Which are your favorites?

photos taken by me

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  1. Love your edit on the photos :)

  2. Wow this is so exciting! Love the photos :)

    1. yeah, I'm so waiting for that september now!

  3. I love H&M, love, love your photos. I'm def. checking out more on H&M


    1. thank you, the collection will be great, for sure!

  4. Ahhh love the photos and the nice preview of the studio collection ;) I hope I will have the chance to visit the H&M showroom one day! My favorite is definitely the khaki bomber jacket its pure perfection! But as a basic lover I wouldn't say no to the white turtleneck dress! Whats your absolute favorite?

    Sophie xx

    1. You totally stole one of my favorites - bomber jacket, it's will be such a statement to fall wardrobe!
      but I also love the black dress with pockets, because the fabric is perfect for fall weather and you can mix it with everything - either make it sporty or fancy for a night out! (I'm one of those girls who like to have 2 in 1, haha)
      But overall there are many great pieces it's hard to choose just one.


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