As this half year has already flown away so freaking fast, more and more I think about how we define ourselves as individuals. Why some of us want to be "clearly outlined " and some of us don't really want to be seen as individuals. I guess it all comes down to our state of mind and values, how we were raised and how we approach new things and experiences.. 
I like the idea that we can define ourselves against the masses. Like now I'm clearly defining this post with my graphic style approach which will be seen as more " outlined " than usual! I guess what I'm trying to say with these rambling thoughts of mine, that try to define yourself and be ! the definer ! don't let others colour your outline the way you don't like to be outlined!
have a lovely and sunny weekend!
be bold

wearing | cubus - leather jacket / h&m studio (ss15) - cotton top / alexander wang x h&m / bandage bustier bra / asos  - shoes / reserved - bag / max & co - sunglasses / erer / leather bracelet | 
photos taken by Laura Alksne
graphic editing - myself

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  1. Lovin' the outfit and the location. I think I redefine myself like twenty times a day. A healthy amount, haha! But I totally agree; don't lend your coloring book out to other people! Those pages are for your crayons and paints and whatever else only!

    1. Thank you, so good to know I'm not the only one here defining myself - on repeat, haha!

  2. Totally diggin the marriage of typography and image in this post. Great one! xx

    1. thank, been trying out something new!
      glad you like it!


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