Finally as I'm writing this post the sunshine is pouring trough the window and making my mood and my day lighter than usual. As I'm living in northern hemisphere in my country we have only 30 sunny days analytically speaking, so when such a simple thing as sunny weather happens it really makes a difference.
When I have my weekends off I like to dress simple! As I went to cinema to watch "Age of Adeline", which was so good, this ootd did the job - making me comfortable. Though that day was quite windy (my hat flew off my head several times) I chose to make this look more live with a classic fedora hat, layered with leather jacket, fury vest and long kimono shirt (as on me it looks more like a dress (all shorties, heyy)).
What are you usually up to on you free weekends?
wearing | cubus - leather jacket / h&m - shirt,vest,  necklace / asos - shoes / reserved - bag / sunglasses - lindex
photos taken by Laura Alksne

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog from your comment on Ella Grace Denton's blog and I have to say I quite love your blog! I was just curious where did you get your template from?

    1. Hey, thank you that's awesome to hear!
      The template is basic that is offered on blogger, I just remodelled it and made it how I like it to be!
      Long nights with google, finding everything about html were inevitable.

  2. Love how you've styled this, it makes me wish I was a hat person!

    Helen x

    1. you could also be so easy, you just have to find the perfect type for you!!!


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