As my inner ''graphic designing - cells'' this past week were just twitching me to open illustrator (and finally create something new), I decided to create this ootd more live and graphic than usual..
In the last few months I have found myself looking at too many trainers to count, and not really finding the perfect pair! So when life plays it's perks, I got offered to get these shoes for a really good offer, so basically I could't say no! Never would I have thought, I would like ''greyish'' - blue trainers with hot pink accents, but now I can't take them of!! They're just too damn comfortable and easy to style with!  
Scroll down and see my graphic shenanigans and comment bellow your opinion on these kind of ootd post (do you like them ? would you like to see more stuff like this or not so much?)
Have a great remaining week guys, cheers ! 
wearing | zara - leather jacket (similar) / h&m - maxi dress (similar) / nike  - trainers / monki - bag / asos - sunglasses
photos taken by Laura Alksne

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  1. Awesome post and I love the details you added to the photos! Love your blog ( :

  2. Skatījos jau pirms nedēļas, bet vēljoprojām nespēju beigt apbrīnot galadarbu. Skaisti!!


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