These past few days have been so good and relaxed that I wanted to share that feeling in my latest very spontaneous photo shoot. 
Usually whilst editing photos the posts title just pops in my mind, well this time was a bit different. I couldn't find a word that would describe this posts vibe. So I found myself searching inspiration in photos, quotes, texts and so on (as it usually happens) .. It took me  a while till I found the perfect word - "aesthetics" or "aesthetic". It is a branch of philosophy that combines the creation and appreciation of nature of art, beauty and taste. It has many uses and meanings in different contexts, but I wanted to use it just as aesthetic appeal, appreciation of clean lines, bare surfaces and a sense of space. It perfectly gathered the pure meaning of these photos - just enjoying the moment as it is and not over thinking it. Forest is the place to feel free and get recharged, so take yourself, friends or loved ones to the nearest forest and just enjoy the things as they are.
wearing | mango - coat / zara - shoes / flower crown - Julija Fedorenkova |
photos by Ketija
- thanks to Julia for great team work - check out her "new arrivals" from her collection on her etsy shop - here

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  1. ahhhhh, Krāsas <3 meitenes, ir naiss

  2. Replies
    1. very glad to hear that, thank you for checking out!

  3. Beautiful photography, such a mood to the images.

    1. yeah, I think that's the most beautiful part of this photo series, they have so much youthfulness in them, so happy to hear you like them!
      thank you


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