Something about wearing a "huge" jumpers is so Christmasy and cozy, I couldn't imagine winter with out them! So when my sister showed me this huge, very oversized h&m jumper I immediately new that "I need it".
As I'm writing this post on a very snow-stormy sunday, every candle in my room is lit up and a hot cup of coffee is waiting for me to finish this post and enjoy my weekend.
what do you do on your sundays? do you spend it with you families or with friends? 
photos / alksne
h&m jumper - on sale, monki bag - sold out, mango coat, asos boots (sold out) 

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  1. Hi, I absolutely love your style and your blog! Interested in a colab?

    1. hey, thank you, it's nice to hear!
      write me an e-mail with your idea, I'm interested to know what you have in mind! -


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