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As I'm slowly moving on from the writers block stage, I decided to make these few simple steps to bring that inspirational spark back, and be - "on the top of the game".
As in my previous post about inspiration - here - I researched the meaning of being inspired and what is this process all about. And now I'm taking an action and describing some simple steps that helps me to be more content with my creating process.
Clear your mind by clearing your flat / house or room from things you have grown out or don't need anymore - clothes you don't wear or have grown out of.  Evaluate and get rid of things that blocks your mind and space. The clean environment will allow you to think more clearly.
Print out inspirational photos, quotes, things you like that inspires you and allows your mind to create fresh ideas. This can be referred to - making a mood board - setting your goals which you can look up to every day and stay motivated. Also a good idea is to make a - to do list, because it keeps you up to date and motivates to tick those boxes when the job's done.
Make your working area a place where you can concentrate and not be so easily distracted/ disturbed!
And if your in the same situation as me - working and sleeping in the same room - make the best of this situation, try to work when your home alone, light some candles and put good music you enjoy.

The mind is everything. What you think, you become. - Buddha

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