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This coat combines my interest in black and white - colour contrast.

With this coat I wanted to show very clean design. I also wanted to create an illusion that this coat has been created by two coats and linked together. In this design there's also white decorative stitches (as seen in the previous coat), they show coats seams and represents them. Speaking of the whole visual look of this shoot - the concept was to create the most relaxed and ordinary / every day photos. So chatting with my friend/ photographer for this shoot, we decided to shoot it in a parking lot...
(stay tuned for the last part of this shoot ( 4/4 )) 

style & design / Līva Bambale ( instagram)
photography / Elvīra Blumfelde ( check out her website here)
model / Ketija Gražule (instagram)


  1. Amazing pictures :) I Love your sun glasses :)

    Amazing blog post :) I love the design of your blog :) and the pictures are amazing :)

    I have just uploaded a summer tag and i tag everyone would mean a load if you commented my new post :)


    have a nice day


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