This is a follow up post to my last post ( here ) where I described and showed my qualification project.So in the next four posts I will share my final result and describe my collection more detailed.

The collection consists of four coats intended for women wear as an easy, free and warm layer in upcoming fall. Overall all coats are straight silhouette with low cut sleeves. The main emphasis is directed to their oversized size, colour and pattern compatibility.This coat clearly shows my interest in asymmetrical details and colour mutual display. It was important to create a coat that is easy to layer with. When searching for the right fabrics I decided that I wanted to make my coats as natural as possible (in fabric structure). Mostly all fabrics that I used are thin wool and wool mixed with cotton... (to be continued ) 

 style & design / Līva Bambale ( instagram)
photography / Elvīra Blumfelde ( check out her website here)
model / Ketija Gražule (instagram)

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