Here's my instagram photo roundup from these past few weeks, where you can see what I have been up to, overall these past few months have been crazy but I have tried to capture some great shots and details to share with you guys, so here it is -

Amazing morning captured on the way to college // Tried to get as much inspiration as I could from Rihanna for River Island fashion show // Found myself in a thrift shop and in a huge over sized fur coat (haha) // Gorgeous flowers from my sister for my name's day // Enjoyed some few drinks with old friends in newly found bar // Had some sushi for mummy's birthday // Had a chance to participate in a style and fashion awards ceremony (a full story here - Latvian style and fashion awards) // A little piece from my painting // On a way home // With my babe Ket enjoying Saturday night // Captured this gorgeous chandelier in a recently found pub // Beautiful view on a way to JF lounge

// find me on instagram - livabambale



  1. Wow, they're really amazing! :) Haha I would eat sushi all the time, do you like it? <3 You had great view on a way home... :)

  2. Sushi!! And it's handmade, congrats on that!:D The last photo is just gorgeous...

  3. I would love for you to check out my blog Chic Out of Town.

  4. that looks stunning! love these pics

  5. So nice!


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