Rooting and revising my cabinets, I found old ZENIT E cameras who belonged to my Grandpa, I was surprised to find such a relic, because you don't find such things everyday. For a long time these cameras were in my cabinets, but recently I have been inspired from old photos and photographing as in general. The inspirations came from different kind of photos, some old, some Photoshopped. After a while I finally was ready to take my own pictures and see the results. Overall my photos  assembled quite good, for photographing for the first time with these kind of cameras, but of course, I could not get by without a variety of complications, like the films inserting and lightning adjustments. Therefore, approximately less than half of the pictures have turned good. Unfortunately, the rest of the shots was left in the small framing film. The images shows common scenes that I'm facing every day.

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